Playing Down to the Competition? Not in Dallas!

Aye yi yi…Does it really take all of that stress for the Cowboys to win two games in a row? Does it always have to seem so difficult? Simply put: YES! Cowboys’ fans love to say the team plays down to the competition. Let’s be honest. The Cowboys are an average team. Nothing more! Nothing less! It’s impossible to play down to a level you’re already on.We should include the footnote that the Browns are not a team that takes kindly to losing. They certainly are among the best of the worst teams in the NFL. More importantly, the Browns have fight in them. No way are they going to just get down and take a loss.  They fought with the Cowboys to the very end.

The Cowboys were a slight notch above the Browns statistically. The Browns racked up 129 yards in penalties while the Cowboys only had 92 yards. There’s so much irony in the word “only” (but that’s for a different post).  The Cowboys bested the Browns with 320 net yards versus 311 yards.  Dallas actually had a worse 3rd down conversion percentage.  So, the points were close because they statistically were close in almost all phases of the games. There shouldn’t be any surprise the Cowboys barely won.

So, where do we go from here? On to the traditional Dallas Thanksgiving game. Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia (the DMV) hold the almighty RGIII in high regard. After burying the Eagles further down in the NFC they’re coming for Dallas. Mike Shanahan may be thinking of next year but RGIII wants everyone on notice THIS year.

I’ll have my antacids nearby. I won’t need them from the Turkey Day dinner but more likely because of the stress I’ll have resulting from the showdown RGIII and Co. plan to bring to Dallas. (sigh!)

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