Attaboys for Tony Romo and Orlando Scandrick 

In their usual heart palpitation fashion my Dallas Cowboys were able to hold on to the win against the New York football Giants. Those NFC East rivalry games take a toll on my stress level way too often.  There are a bunch of things I could ramble on about regarding what needs to get better or what was done well. Changes were made to the way plays were called into the huddle.  The Boys managed to keep their mouths shut and their eyes on the prize. I won’t ramble but there are two not so obvious things we need to quickly discuss. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick and Quarterback Tony Romo.

In his post-game presser, Orlando Scandrick was confident and showed an obvious increase in maturity.  Scandrick confidently proclaimed that at 5-5 the Cowboys had “no room to talk.”  He obviously was referring to all the trash talk coming from the New York Giants.  He goes on to say that he knew they “weren’t going to be able to talk themselves into a victory.”  Scandrick is correct.  The game had to be played. But it also had to be played smart.  Scandrick kept wide receiver Victor Cruz from doing the Salsa in the end zone and held him to just two receptions for only 27 yards. In fact, Scandrick has been able to contain most of the wide receivers he has gone against so far this year. Scandrick has been that constant solid rock the team can depend on. At one point in the game Orlando Scandrick went out and was feared to be injured. Thankfully for my blood pressure he came back a few series later.  Rewind to last year and it would be hard to find a Dallas Cowboys fan and even a football “expert” that didn’t question the Cowboys decision to give him the new contract. It’s clear the Cowboys saw something in Scandrick that many just did not see.  It’s certainly paid off so far.

Now, brace yourself for my next statement.  It’s sure to make some of you upset.  Here it goes: Tony Romo is a really good quarterback.  He’s not just good but he’s REALLY good.  Yesterday Romo threw his 200th touchdown pass. It was another record he can add to his thick resume of quarterback accomplishments. He takes a bunch of criticism even when he’s not at fault.  And he should since he’s the leader of this team.  The problem is he rarely gets the credit when the Dallas Cowboys win. Out of all active quarterbacks Tony Romo is in the top ten of every major passing category. I know quarterbacks are rated based on the number of Superbowls they’ve won and Tony Romo has zero Superbowls.  But let’s be honest, it’s extremely rare to even get to a Superbowl let alone actually win one. There are over 60 active quarterbacks in the NFL and less than ten starting quarterbacks have actually won a Superbowl.  Only time will tell if Romo carries the Lombardi trophy.  Until then, I appreciate that the Cowboys have a really good quarterback that at least gives the team a chance.

Moving forward, the Cowboys head home and welcome the Oakland Raiders for the traditional Thanksgiving Day game.  I’d love to get a win because I’d have bragging rights over my brother.  He’s a Raiders fan that pretty much despises my Cowboys.  More importantly going to 7-5 gives the Cowboys a better chance at winning the NFC East division and moving on to the playoffs.  Not to mention that I can’t remember the last time the Cowboys went two games above .500. We all know the Cowboys run defense is almost non-existent so I expect to see a heavy dose of Rashad Jennings. This translates into another game full of heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure for me.

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