Football Sheology: Football 101

It helps to know some basics about the football field and to know some rules about the game. For example, a football game is actually 60 minutes long.  Penalties, commercials, play reviews and timeouts increase the actual time it takes to run those 60 minutes.

A football field is 120 yards long and just over 53 yards wide. The endzones are another 10 yards. The players do everything possible to get into the endzone. Running into or catching the ball in the opposing teams end zone is a touchdown. And a touchdown is worth six points. 

The lines that surround the football field are the end lines and sidelines.  If a player steps outside of those lines they are considered out-of-bounds and the play stops immediately.

You ever see those markings on the field that look like a bunch hyphens stretching the field parallel to the sideline? Those are hash marks.  Take a look here to see what they’re used for.


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