What is a Blitz?

Some things in football seem complicated but they really aren’t. You know how we always hear the word blitz during a football game. It’s virtually impossible to get through a professional football game without hearing that word. You always hear the saying “The defense is blitzing the quarterback. Or watch out for the blitz.” Remember we talked about the defensive positions and what they were? The Defensive Line always has 3 or 4 guys. A combination of Defensive Tackles and Defensive Ends. Their job is to run after or rush the Quarterback.

Sometimes one or more of the Linebackers or one or more of the defensive backs rush the Quarterback along with the Defensive Line. When this happens it’s a blitz. Simply put: If a Linebacker, Safety or Cornerback rushes the passer then it’s a blitz.

Of course there are variations, types and schemes related to blitzes. But this is the basic concept and definition of a blitz. Like us on Facebook at Football Sheology and subscribe to us on YouTube. Bye!

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