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What is a Blitz?

Some things in football seem complicated but they really aren’t. You know how we always hear the word blitz during a football game. It’s virtually impossible to get through a professional football game without hearing that word. You always hear the saying “The defense is blitzing the quarterback. Or watch out for the blitz.”

Football Sheology: Football 101

It helps to know some basics about the football field and to know some rules about the game. For example, a football game is actually 60 minutes long.  Penalties, commercials, play reviews and timeouts increase the actual time it takes to run those 60 minutes.

Female Football Four Minute Tackle

Ladies, ever have a question about something happening in a football game?  You turn to your nearest guy friend to ask him the question and he gives you “that” look as if he doesn’t want to be bothered. I have something that can help during the upcoming football season.

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