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Attaboys for Tony Romo and Orlando Scandrick 

In their usual heart palpitation fashion my Dallas Cowboys were able to hold on to the win against the New York football Giants. Those NFC East rivalry games take a toll on my stress level way too often.  There are a bunch of things I could ramble on about regarding what needs to get better or what was done well.

Playing Down to the Competition? Not in Dallas!

Aye yi yi…Does it really take all of that stress for the Cowboys to win two games in a row? Does it always have to seem so difficult? Simply put: YES! Cowboys’ fans love to say the team plays down to the competition. Let’s be honest. The Cowboys are an average team. Nothing more!

A Girl Can Dream. Can’t She?

Please understand I am in my right mind and have no expectation the Dallas Cowboys are going to make the playoffs.  But it should be noted I have EVERY expectation that Dallas CAN make the playoffs. Of course they have to tweak a few things.  Or maybe much more than a few but it’s possible right? Just dream with me…

Jason Garrett Should Stay

Jason Garrett

I have the unpopular opinion the Dallas Cowboys should keep Jason Garrett.  I think over time he will learn just as the players learn.  Consistency wins in the end.  It always does and football is no different.  I do think they need to get a veteran Offensive Coordinator and let him call the plays.  If you think Mike Tomlin is a football genius you’ve got it all wrong. 

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