What is a Blitz?

Some things in football seem complicated but they really aren’t. You know how we always hear the word blitz during a football game. It’s virtually impossible to get through a professional football More »

Football Sheology: Football 101

It helps to know some basics about the football field and to know some rules about the game. For example, a football game is actually 60 minutes long.  Penalties, commercials, play reviews More »

Female Football Four Minute Tackle

Ladies, ever have a question about something happening in a football game?  You turn to your nearest guy friend to ask him the question and he gives you “that” look as if More »


Jason Garrett Should Stay

Jason Garrett

I have the unpopular opinion the Dallas Cowboys should keep Jason Garrett.  I think over time he will learn just as the players learn.  Consistency wins in the end.  It always does and football is no different.  I do think they need to get a veteran Offensive Coordinator and let him call the plays.  If you think Mike Tomlin is a football genius you’ve got it all wrong. 

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